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Edwin L. Mead, DDS | Testimonials in Columbus

Edwin L. Mead, DDS

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17 North Harding Rd.
Columbus OH 43209 



   Dear Dr. Mead,

     I deeply appreciate all the extra time & patience that you showed to give me back my beautiful smile again!! You are one in a million & I'm happy that you are my dentist.

     Lots of love and prayer,

     Sr. Barbara

Dear Dr. Mead,

     I would like to let you know how much I appreciated your extraordinary care you gave to my wife when she needed it. It is wonderful to know that there are Doctors like you who give such great service to their patients and I am having difficulties in finding the right words. So, all I can say is THANK YOU very much and my wife and I feel forever in debt to you. I will think very hard to find a way to show you our appreciation. In the meantime, all the best to you and your efficient and professional staff.

     Very truly yours,


 Dr. Mead,

     This is for anyone in doubt. Take pleasure in knowing you can count on Dr. Mead if ANY emergency comes up! My situation was a little scary. The day before a very special wedding my FRONT tooth broke completely OFF! Of course I became frantic and was sure that Dr. Mead would not have a temporary fix for my tooth but I was truly amazed to find that he knows his job so well and when you least expect it your smile (in a matter of minutes) can be just as good as it ever was! Believe it or not, Dr. Mead is one who is happy to see you on HIS DAY OFF! Good luck in finding a mre dedicated dentist than that!



     I should have done this sooner! I didn't like to smile before because I was very self-conscious about my two front teeth. But, Dr. Mead is very detail oriented and did a Fabulous job on my two new porcelain Veneers on my two front teeth. I LOVE to smile now!


Dear Dr. Mead,

     It has now been four (or more) years that you have been my dentist and rescued me from the pain and discomfort. I was having pain when I brushed my teeth, talked, or ate, plus sometimes just pain with no known trigger. Through equilibration, lots of restoration work and two bridges, my mouth is now pain free!

     I had been to dentists, orthodontists, endodontists and neurologists. Most of them proposed nerve medication and "dealing" with the pain. But, you worked with me to get the muscles, the jaw and the teeth to function together in a sort of harmony. Before I sought your help I was coming to the conclusion I needed to retire from teaching. But now, I am still teaching, enjoying it more and plan to do at least one more year.

     Thank you for all the help,



Dear Dr. Mead and Staff,

     Thank you very very much for all your help. I can't remember the last time I felt this good. The pain is gone! It's like I'm a different person.

     Once again, thank you and your wonderful staff.



     It was the last day of a much anticipated European river boat cruise. We were having breakfast in a lovely old restaurant in Switzerland when I noticed pain in my lower jaw. I took two Tylenol and willed the pain to go away. It didn't. As soon as I got home I called Dr. Mead, who had helped me through several dental emergencies in the past. He very patiently explained what was causing my pain and suggested and implant. Implant?? What in the world was that? After listening to his explaination of the procedure, I decided that Dr. Mead knew best and I would go ahead with the implant procedure.

     I can honestly say I did not have one moment of discomfort and that Dr. Mead and Dr. Sakamoto and their staffs couldn't have been more gentle and accomodating. I hope this letter helps you as you decide how to proceed with your dental needs.


     Several years ago I searched the yellow pages for a dedicated dentist. By gut instinct I selected Dr. Mead's Bexley office to perform full dental health restoration which has been very successful. The relationship has renewed my belief that dentist care about more than you smile or payments, but the wellness of health and life. Thank you Dr. Mead for being there in a time of need.



Dr. Mead,

     I want to thank you very much for all the work you did on my teeth. After years of hiding my smile behind my hands, all the complements I've received since we've finished has been amazing. It has done extreme wonders for my self-esteem. Again, I thank you and your wonderful staff for giving me that.



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